more inspiration

: : this is what I want in our living room. one wide shelf off the ground [easy cleaning] stacked with books, paintings, flowers...and rocks. I really like the concrete. that would take one strong wall though. I think I have to go with wood. via .elle decoration blog.
this cheers up a kitchen!
I like the idea of storing stuff in the clear bottles. I'll start buying clear milk bottles from now on just for that. and a friend at work suggested I buy this one wine bottle with a resealable cork, and use for storing grains, rice, pasta etc. via .bloesem.


: : I love rocks. so does my Swedish friend .linn. our favorite place to go, is .rockport. where the beaches are covered in soft round rocks. I can't wait to go there this summer, and bring some rocks with me home to keep on our porch and around the house.

color guide

: : I just went through the entire color guide on domino magazine's website. I'm mainly trying to figure out a color for the bedroom. that seems like the most important color to me. the others I can go bold with, but the bedroom I want to have a calmness to, with maybe some color pops here and there.

I, of course, love this orange, especially paired with the beige. I could see something like this in the living room. maybe with a long stark white shelf running along the top edge of the beige. with frames, prints and paintings on top.
I love this really pale green. almost like celery. paired with the white molding. this might be suitable for the bedroom.
I am completely in love with this kelly green color. and so fresh with the stark white contrast. love it!! you guys see my problem yet? I love too many of these colors, I don't know how I will pick. maybe this for the kitchen or dining room.

I also like these two last greens. they might work for the bedroom.

customize your ikea stool

: : found that first picture on the top left on a new blog .ellmania. that .emma. directed me to. if you can see that little stool in the photo, I think it's this ikea stool covered in an oil cloth fabric. I have a green version of that fabric at home. maybe the perfect application for it would be on a stool? maybe suitable for the porch? easy to wipe off.

Summer Shopping in Seattle - Gucci & Tory Burch

_5541381 GucciC6

   Tory Burch Cork flats                                       Gucci catch all                    Moroccan Influenced Caftans

_5541259            image   C1    

Tory Burch cute take on sneakers                     The season much have- cropped white pants



White is hot - Tory Burch coat & Gucci purse

C2   Tory Burch 'Sterling' Ballerina Flat

                                                                Nautical influence on Tory Burch Flats

 elie tahari2Tory Burch 'Kathryn' Wedge Sandal

  Eli Tahari  - beautifully detailed                   Tory Burch Wedge

white matters

: : the 'full contact' spice grinder was love at first sight. we have used it several times for inspiration at work, it speaks harmony, emotions, softness and is such a beautiful relationship between two pieces. since Iz has really been getting into cooking lately, he might see a need for a spice grinder. if so, this will be our choice.

the coink piggy bank is a necessity. coins seem to be falling out of all of Iz's jackets, pants, bags....I believe this is the solution.

buy these at greenergrassdesign

bedroom inspiration

: : I have always liked oh joy's bedroom. especially that blue pearl color. and I found the lovely pink yumiyumi print via oh joy. I think I would like that one for our bedroom.

Blue is the New Black

And I mean a deep, dark, luscious Blue. It is showing up in walls, fabrics, carpets and accessories. It is a blue that doesn't have green or red in it. It is almost black and is warmer than lighter blues and has more life and depth than Black. It is the deepest shade of Indigo as seen in Ikat Textiles. It is the color of the sky on a moonlit night. It is mysterious, moody, classic, timeless, calming, and refreshing. It can have a glossy finish or be totally matt. It is beautiful when contrasted with pure white. My favorite Benjamin Moore paint colors are Polo Blue, Blackberry Punch, Kensington Blue, Blue Gaspe, Hale Navy, and Old Navy. Some deep blue colors are: sapphire, azure, beryl, cerulean, cobalt, indigo, navy, royal, midnight blue, slate, steel blue, Prussian blue.

tom scheerer

The high gloss finish on this wall has a subtle reflectivity to it that changes at different times of the day and literally sparkles at night. Design by Tom Scheerer

robertburke todd romano via habitually chie

I love how the walls, bookshelves and fabric of the banquette seat and sofa are all the same color
Design by Robert Burke and Todd Romano

HouseBeautifulMarch 08
A beautiful color of blue to set off the antique prints and porcelains in this Dining Room
House Beautiful March 2008


This room by Victoria Hagan is destined to be a classic with her crisp and geometric use of color and pattern


Alberto Pinto has used a deep blue in the bold geometric carpet as his only color in this wonderful Master Bedroom

jkcapri com hotel italy

A deep and refreshing Mediterranean blue has been used on the walls at JK Capri Hotel in Italy


The Inkiest color of blue used for the walls in this room are a great backdrop for colorful artwork


A deep "French Blue"

ekb interior

Windsor Smith Domino Aug07 via girl meets glamour

The deepest of blue used in an updated traditional paisley pattern
Windsor Smith

Madeline Weinrib1 thibaut ikat
Deepest Indigo blue as used in traditional Ikat textiles

Madeline Weinrib cushion Thibaut Ikat Fabric


The company Sea Cloth is reinventing and putting a modern twist on Indigo dyed fabrics

1chinese lattice bob collins 800 282 9971
This is a classic Wallpaper pattern in a classic deep blue that will never date

Let me know if these deep luscious shades of blue are slated to become one of your new favorite colors?

I am in the process of designing my own guest bedroom and I have chosen a deep blue silk for the curtains called Moonlight. I am putting a natural woven raffia roman shade on the window behind the curtains for some textural interest. The walls will be painted the same shade as the silk curtains: Benjamin Moore "Blue Gaspe".The Headboard is a heavy white Belgium linen. The bedding is white Egyptian cotton with an Hermes cashmere blanket in a deep charcoal color on the end of the bed. The carpet is wool and is the color of white coral. I will hang black and white "ocean"photographs that I have taken on my travels on the blue walls to finish it off. So you can now see where the inspiration for this post has come from. My friends and family are very anxiously awaiting the unveiling of this room.

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I'm Back

I have been frantically trying to stay afloat.....that means I have been doing the proverbial juggling act of a circus acrobat.  When that happens in life some things have to give and that happened to be my daily Blog Postings.  Thanks to all of you who missed me and expressed your concern as to my whereabouts. I was in my office, and out and about town(s) - Vancouver and Seattle, creating and designing for 3 new clients.  The dynamics of the creative process is a very nebulous thing for me.  It happens in a vacuum of frenzied momentum and somewhat wondrous, and at times, inexplicable flashes.  So now that things are settling back to normal (not that I have that word in my vocabulary) I will be eagerly posting on my current inspirations.....Ready, Set, Go..........


inspiration for our new home

I really like the colors and the simplicity of this kitchen. via sasa antic

a wall of bold wallpaper! the kind of kitchen island that we're looking for. a mix of odd chairs around the table. via emmas
.harry bertoia. knoll chairs. how badly I want one like this one in white. via living etc

and so it begins.......

my orange juice would be happier in this.
the perfect small size couch.
via emmas

like the wire frame lamp. am buying a similar one this weekend to spray paint orange or green. one of our antique finds.

a dish rack mounted on the wall is a very clever idea. where can I find this?
via sasa antic

: : bare with me, I've only waited a lifetime to be able to decorate my own place!! and the point of this blog has always been to archive things I like. I might have been able to afford some of the things before, but I didn't have a place to put them. now I do!

and so, it begins.....

as a matter of fact, Iz has been the king of furniture shopping and decorating ideas this week. for one more week it is his full time job. and he seems to be lovin' it!