finally- a big poster of my most popular print!

: : finally, I have a large poster size version (15.5X19.5 IN) of my Traditional Kurbits in Orange available in my shop. Thank you to all my wonderful customers for your support and to those of you who requested the larger size print which is the reason why it is available in the shop today. There are currently only two available, but I am happy to have more printed upon request.

I love the orange print on our turquoise wall!

more dos visits

: : time for some more .dos family visits. how can you not love this apartment in Copenhagen where artist .lisa grue. lives with her family? I love this style; playful, colorful, organized but chaotic, well designed but it still looks like real people live here (and not like in the magazines where everything is staged). That's why I love the .dos visits. because you get to see real people's lives. If you're interested in Lisa's work check out her .shop.

pretty post-its

: : post-its....hate them or love them. I love them, and it's a good thing because inevitably in every project (at work) we will get to a point where we feel like we're drowning in a sea of multi colored post-its. These japanese post-it designs would change things up a bit, brilliantly executed. 

summer salads

: : .Sweet Paul. has done it again. Another amazing issue is out. Absolutely stunning deconstructed summer salads (via .oh joy.)

: : by now you've probably already heard of another flash sale site, but this one does seem unique. featuring daily design inspirations focused on modern living... there's some cool stuff on there. and I like that you can see which sales are coming up. (thank you .leo. for the invitation)

I don't have to tell you that of course I'm in love with the .orange bike.

the beginning of another new england summer

: : I am so happy that summer is finally here! and I have every intention to make the most out of it. last year we spent most of our weekends at our favorite beach up north. And ended the season with the most perfect day. good friends, grilling, high tide, no one else at the beach..... it was 'ljuvens' as my mom would say, another word for heavenly.

hipstomatic photos by my talented photographer friend .leo.

the orange farmhouse chair

: : I'm in love with a new chair. the orange sold me right away (my favorite color), but the more I look at the .bend. chairs the more I like them. the simplicity & the patterns. I especially like the one called 'farmhouse'. (found via .design milk.)

from greenwich

: : more inspiration from .from greenwich.
Just got this month's edition of .Sköna Hem. in the mail this week
and it features this beautiful old train station in Denmark. (photos from .hege greenall.)

summer adventures

 : : summer makes me want to pack a bag and go on a new adventure every weekend. next week we're going to see a horse polo match. this weekend we're hoping to get some biking in between the rain showers.

Lots of inspiration at .from greenwich. (photo above) via .vinklar & vrår.

summer nights

: : we've been eating on the balcony every night this week (and drinking, just got a shipment of rose from our friends Elan & Julien at Azure Wines in Napa). Until today, when thunder and lightning took over. and we set some heat record for June, 100 degrees or something like that (Fahrenheit).